Portraits Past

I have a fascination with portraits and I can’t really say why. I suppose I’ve always had this fixation on people’s faces and the stories they can tell you through a look. The very fact that people know you’re taking their picture makes them react in a certain way and what you get is more than a picture but a look into who this person is and what they want this world to know about them. During my B&W photography class, I set out to take some portraits of some people in my life that I wanted to photograph. The photos are okay. The insights they offer are much more important to me.

George 1 Jordan Lara Luke Roger


Final Project progress April 4

As far as progress goes, I’ve narrowed in on a tone I’d like for my photographs: absurdity of people interacting with lo-fi handmade props.

Here is a preliminary shoot where I constructed a telephone and then yelled at my imaginary friends for a half hour.Phonie Phonie

Genre Project

Here are two of the photos I shot for the genre project:

Concentrate on one event from my life and turn it into various genres.

Playing guitar in a western film

Playing guitar in a western film

Playing guitar in a bio pic film

Playing guitar in a bio pic film